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It was 1921 when the Globe Slicing Machine Company, led by Peter Sivertsen, was born in New York City on a foundation of ingenuity, innovation and a drive to succeed. That entrepreneurial push led the company to invent and patent the world’s first gravity-feed slicer, revolutionizing the slicer industry by increasing slice quality and productivity for operators.

Seventy years later, in Dayton Ohio, the birthplace of innovation, Globe Food Equipment was founded with that same spirit. With a focus on quality, performance, value and service, Globe offers Best-in-Class slicers, mixers and scales, and a competitive array of distinctive foodservice equipment, including choppers, immersion blenders, and gas and electric cooking units.

Our passion to be the best has solidified the Globe Food Equipment Company’s status as a leading provider of equipment for end users like pizza operators, delicatessens and chefs around the world. We maintain that position of leadership through our award-winning customer support and sales teams, setting the high bar for what to expect from a food equipment manufacturer and provider.

Globe is more than a brand name. It is a promise of consistently delivered excellence. Globe Food Equipment is dedicated to your success.

Globe Food Equipment Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Middleby Corporation.